Fashion 2 Way: Meeting The Future In-Laws

Since love is in the air and all this season, many people have spent their summer with not only their loves but their loved one’s families. From having lunch with your own aunt to spending time with your guy’s parents, here is an outfit to at least give you comfort in the way that you look. Throw in a little shrug for unpredictable weather. Wear funky heels to pump up the fun or relaxed heels to air on the side of sophistication. Your choice!

1. Dress: graphic Mesh Dress ($130)


2. Shoes:  Steve Madden Corral Heels ($60.00)

3. Necklace: Pearls and Chains Charlotte Russe Necklace ($6)

4. Ring: Stacked Blossom Ring Set ($6)

5. Purse: Metal Structured Clutch ($27)


2. Shoes:  Curved Color Block Wedges ($52)

3. Necklace: Max and Chloe Flat Chain Necklace ($6)

4. Purse: Fold Over Express Clutch ($39.90)

5. Earrings: Zebra Hoop Disc Earrings ($6)